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Fine Tuning

tuning forkRegular tunings are important for the piano to sound its best, regardless of whether it is played often or not. Piano manufacturers recommend tuning your piano a least every six months.


Pitch Raising

Most musical instruments are designed and built to optimally perform and sound their best when tuned to the industry standard of A-440. With the passage of time between tunings the pitch of the piano may fall flat. In most cases a double tuning is required to bring the piano back to concert pitch.

Vacuuming and Cleaning

Dust & dirt will inevitably end up inside the piano, and can cause sticky keys and unwanted vibrations. Removing the action mechanism and keys will allow access to vacuum, clean and remove any unwanted material.

Key & Action Regulation

Age, environment, and general use greatly affects many of the moving parts inside the piano. For this service, all keys and the action mechanism are removed or disassembled, checked, and repaired if necessary.

Climate Control System

Interior piano components swell during humid summers and contract during winters. This causes movement and great stress to the sound board and bridges. A humidity control system located inside the piano works continuously and quietly to protect your instrument.

String Replacement

Bass strings
Grand piano bass strings

With age, time, and use the piano strings will lose their resilience. The bass strings are especially prone to developing a “tubbiness”— dead or dull sound quality. New strings restore the quality of tone and musical beauty of the instrument.